1965 Gibson ES120 T

Gibson never intended this to be such a great guitar.

Much like the little LGO, the legend of this guitar is reaching mythic proportions.

Look at the Harmony Central Reviews
People love this guitar more then their '59 Les Pauls !

All original, as far as I can see.
There is checking in the finish... but other than that spiderwebbing,
the finish is very clear and the paint looks fantastic.
There's a little cluster of fine scratches on the back that don't penetrate the clear finish

I could 'cure' those scratches and the slight pitting, with a couple drops of nitrocellulose lacquer...
but I respect that a collector would prefer to receive the guitar in it's original condition, with minor flaws,
rather than a guitar that has been touched up.

There are the inevitable mild abrasions that a headstock usually receives.

The tailpiece is in great condition.



Until someone peers closely enough to see the finish checking...
they are very surprised to hear that this guitar is 40 years old.

Comes with original case, which is a little ratty and separating at the top.

I played this through my Polytone and was very impressed
with the sounds that it can produce.

The action is very low. Only a few of the frets show any wear.
Classic Soapbar pickup.

A nice wide leather strap is included.
Straplocks have been installed.. and are included.

Auction includes a few of my legendary Surfpicks.

Note to foreign bidders;
It is illegal to ship my Surf Picks out of the U.S.
Sorry. If you win, I will be happy to ship them to a friend in the U.S.
I am referring only to the Lignum Vitae picks that I include
I will ship the guitar itself to Europe, as stated in my terms.

The nut is 1 & 5/8 inches.
Width at 14th fret is 2 & 1/8 inches.
The scale is 24 & 3/4 inches.
The body length is 20 &1/2 inches.
The lower bout is 17 inches wide.
The depth is 1 & 13/16 inches

If you have any questions about this guitar...
or would like me to take photos of anything specific...
feel free to eMail me.